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Letra suge (remix) Lyrics en Ingles

[verse 1: joyner lucas]
yeah, aint no one colder than me (yeah)
im straight from the mud, i got me a plug
and now i be rollin with meech (woah, woah)
you think you the shit? i think you a bitch
now go head and call the police (bitch)
these niggasll trip, your homies a snitch
youll probably be home in a week (yeah, yeah, yeah)
i hit up tory and told him i know you dont like me but fuck it im over the beef (word)
told em we could be friends, invited him over and gave him some soda and bleach (haha)
they said joyner you lost it, i told them they soft
now go take a stroll on the beach (yeah)
nigga, i get the sauce, bitch im a dog
just dont get a hold of my leash (ruff)
yall niggas back to the bluffin (blah)
joyner get back to the bustin (blah)
if i do not make a few million this year then i might just go back to the hustlin
i got me some product and i aint gonna hide it
i might just start trappin in public
i might go to prison and free all my niggas
thats word to harriet tubman
tired of you askin me questions, im sick of it (buh, buh)
why you keep shuttin shit down on the internet? (grra)
why do you have so much talent and benefits?
why you keep droppin your album in increments?
a.d.h.d. is a social experiment
who pay attention the most when they hearin it?
you cannot stop it, theres no interferin it
this is my moment and no one is sharin it
nigga, im just gettin started, i hit all my targets
i promise i vary the fun (yeah)
if i do not win the grammy this year then ill blow that bitch up and then everyone dyin (yeah)
i think all my shit is hot, if everyone think that its not then everyone lyin
i hope my shit doesnt flop, cause ill put a gun to your head and make everyone buy it
im diggin the hole you get buried inside (woo), all you get buried in silence
the day that i die i get buried in diamonds
im killin you niggas, you barely survivin (brrt, brrt, brrt, brrt)
i think im so high, i could marry a pilot
im area 51 alien, i let my ufo fly in, its scary and violent
i shut down the planet, you hearin the sirens (buh, buh)
im very excited and you shouldnt bother (woo)
joyner got too many problems (word)
i told that little bitch that im down with a threesome as long as its you and your mama (yeah)
i aint got no patience, i love to get dirty
but fuck it im cool with the drama (cool)
when niggas be hatin, i tell them no worries my nigga, hakuna matata
i dont wear prada, just bring me a white tee (buh)
i bust some margielas, i still wear the nikes (grra, grra)
i roll with some hitters, i know you dont like me
i shit on you niggas, now bring me some wipeys (grra, grra)
you think im a killer? well maybe i might be
i aint got no feelings i dare you to fight me (buh)
ill swing with a left but im really a righty
get pussy and money, it barely excites me
im ready, dont try me, so bow
fuck all you pricks
you cannot harm me, i think you a bitch
you think im corny? i think im the shit
when she get horny, she think of my dick
when i was broke, i would think like im rich
til i fucked up my credit and hit me a lick (woo, woo, woo)
then i got me some money to get me a crib
and then blew it on bitches from plenty of fish (fuck was i thinkin?)
im goin back to the streets (yeah)
if freddy and jason had babies, my nigga i promise then that would be me (word)
niggas all in my honey and actin all funny, i think im attracted to bees
they told me that i changed, i looked in the mirror like what the fuck happened to me?
ever since i done came up, these niggas been so in their feelings
they countin my pockets i know that its killin em
tell me you proud but you know that you jealous
the money keep pilin i know that you smell it
you think you entitled? well suck on a dick and i hope that you swallow
and thats how im feelin, put that on the bible
dont call me your family, you know youre my rival i do what i gotta
now turn the fuckin tv up, im in the media
and aint nobody wanna see me up, a nigga heating up
im like a sickle cell anemia, i really mean it
but im bout to slow a nigga breathin up, i think hes seen enough (buh, buh, buh)
i go to hell, i fuck a demon up, i think im mean enough
to beat a nigga with adidas til i fuck the sneakers up (yeah)
ill sucker-punch you when im sneakin up
you couldnt see me but i had to hit em like a meteor (boom, boom, boom)
and make em giddy up, to get the trunk
and i went from nothing to somethin
i fell in love with the guns and i got a hundred away (brrratat)
and like every day that im bustin im putting one in your stomach
i got em jumping and running, you better cover and duck (brrratat)
and im not the one to be fucked with
im not the one that you think you could do whatever you want to (brrratat)
theres gonna be repercussions
the enemies know whats up and im up at three in the mornin when you be sleepin and yawnin, you know the evil be callin (yeah, yeah, yeah)
somebody better call the ambulance or the e-m-t (yeah)
nigga, im the bomb like t-n-t
bet i roll up on a nigga with a g-m-c (brrat, brrat, brrat, brrat)
get to clappin on the mental, bitter e-n-d
call the plug, tell him that i want at least ten keys
now im back in business, e-p-m-d (woo)
couldnt walk in my shoes with a street stampede
cant walk this way, i run d-m-c (yeah, yeah)
[verse 2: tory lanez]
pack in the mail, i sit it down and its crackin the scale
had to switch position from the kitchen, nigga, i was flippin like a spatula there
pretty ricky with them bitches, when im hittin long as a dread on spectacular hair
here shit, light shit, white whip, open up it look like a packet of mayo
im back in rodeo, fuckin up the check and chuckin up the set
and im back off the layover, pay-over way over niggas
no slumber but a nigga stay over, nigga
your bitch is with me til the day-day, ak loaded up the same way
chain swang, white person screamin out, "gang gang!"
slide or kick, jet li or liu k-k-kang (wah!)
i got a little b, he got me based god like brring ding ding
got a main dame, audemar, and thats my main thang
got a rollie watch, her name jane but she plain plain, so we call her plain jane
over her, i let it bang-bang like the fingers twistin on a gang member sittin in the chain gang
nigga, please, i got old nigga cheese, yall got old nigga knees
cant let a faux nigga roll up, put a hole in your shit then let the ho nigga leave, man
yall niggas know a nigga t-o-r-y, all my niggas got paws and theyre always for the free
off of the fee, if a nigga throw a couple gs, get a little nigga smoked for the free, man
1-5-0, first show, nigga, thats how i go, i was chosen with those melodies
niggas hatin, ive been goin up with those enemies
and the snakes keep blowin it with those in debris
im up to no good, my boys in the hood
with no young jeezy, and no jody breezy, could blow 40 gs
still come back, who the fuck lookin like the ol dirty b from the wu-tang, nigga?
i could say nothin on a motherfuckin track, still go back plat like pootie tang nigga
do your thing nigga, hoppin in the mulsanne
hotter than a blue flame lit up in the full tank nigga
man niggas better hide, niggas what, niggas what?
nigga, niggas at the bottom of the food chain, nigga
nigga so lame, cant crew hang, nigga, cant crew bang with ya, cant move a thang with ya
see a little bad bitch walkin down the block, but she lookin at me cause your crew cant get her
im a dominate her, moderate her
pass your chick like hot potato
police non-cooperator
i wont tolerate a bitch thats talkin crazy, not me, lil nigga
i be on the beach with the sea, little nigga
i been triplin up the doubles and threes, lil nigga
livin it up with the women up in vis, lil nigga
give it up all my niggas is tuckin, i hope a niggas duckin
i been drippin and drippin like a niggas tippin the bucket
i been whippin these bitches and stickin out my dick in public
they be lickin a nigga to get to familiar fuckin
i be fuckin these women in ten-percentd tinted windows
and im yellin and tellin i gotta get it, get to steppin
im reppin umbrella forever, my niggas in abundance
im fly as propellers, you jealous
and if a nigga comin, im eatin these niggas like ketchup and relish on a bun
i got the money to funnel, wonders of what i wanted
and when i want it, i wanna feel like you cant front on it
i got your ex-chick and your next chick on a pole in my livin room floor tryin to dance all on it
as long as i can put my hands all on her, she said: "handstand, a handstand\ and landed on it
i said damn, had to put it in her head, i aint droppin no bread
this is not that gretel and the hansel story
got a coupe full of hoes and the hose in the coupe
to the lamborghini doors to the floors and the roof
when im goin in the booth, im exposin the globe to the truth
they be knowin, i be showin up with proof
any faux nigga, any ho nigga, any low joe schmoe nigga better know
when i unload get low, get low, get low like lil jon and the eastside boyz, nigga
and my lil bitch type thick, uh
neck is freezy as a ice-pick, uh
out of sect just like a high kick, uh
niggas gonna copy my style like a right click
all of my dogsll kill you like mike vick
light that pistol, put that boy in a heimlich
i was handin them ls to joyner and don for comin out actin too lightskin
nigga, im back in the bentley, applyin the pressure, spittin bunch of flyin and firin
ever-so fuckin hot, youd think i died in the desert
came back to fuck up your entire endeavor
you tryin me? never; your squad will get shot if ya try and be clever
my diamonds forever, designin and linin a bet up
them give em a choice: which one you want die with, the .9 or beretta?
im sorry for being intolerant, i got this violent temper
i like when im cold, i shoot a nigga, make him die in december
you been a bitch as long as i can remember
you sayin that youre gang, them niggas keep talkin
i promise ill silence your members then quiet your temper
while firing bullets that fly at your mental and pry at your denim
ill hire somebody to fire the jet up then get up and send a shooter thatll fly if you rattle
i promise im high on my mental
might think its a setup, but find me a nigga
might line that nigga for the paper
let the hitter get to foldin, origami the nigga
the louie luggage bustin, dime me a nigga
but true we thuggin, no insomnia, nigga
im really a top 3...
[outro: tory lanez]
man, hold on, im just rappin too much, man, fuck this shit

joyner lucas suge (remix)

joyner lucas traducción

[verso 1: joyner lucas]

sí, no hay nadie más frío que yo (sí)
soy directo del barro, me conseguí un tapón
y ahora estoy rodando con meech (woah, woah)
¿crees que eres la mierda? te creo una perra
ahora ve a la cabeza y llama a la policía (perra)
estos niggas viajarán, tu amigo es un soplón
probablemente estarás en casa en una semana (sí, sí, sí)
golpeé a tory y le dije que sé que no te gusto, pero a la mierda, ya no tengo más (word)
les dije que podíamos ser amigos, lo invitamos y le di refrescos y lejía (jaja)
dijeron joyner que lo perdiste, les dije que estaban blandos
ahora ve a dar un paseo por la playa (sí)
nigga, consigo la salsa, perra, soy un perro
simplemente no agarres mi correa (ruff)
todos ustedes negros de vuelta al farol (blah)
joyner vuelve a la bustin (blah)
si no gano algunos millones este año, entonces podría volver al ajetreo
tengo un producto y no lo voy a esconder
podría comenzar a atrapar en público
podría ir a prisión y liberar a todos mis negros
esa es la palabra para harriet tubman
cansado de que me hagas preguntas, estoy harto de eso (buh, buh)
¿por qué sigues cerrando la mierda en internet? (grra)
¿por qué tienes tanto talento y beneficios?
¿por qué sigues lanzando tu álbum en incrementos?
a.d.h.d. es un experimento social
¿quién presta más atención cuando lo escuchan?
no puedes detenerlo, no hay interferencia
este es mi momento y nadie lo está afilando
nigga, solo estoy comenzando, alcancé todos mis objetivos
prometo variar la diversión (sí)
si no gano el grammy este año, explotaré a esa perra y luego todos morirán (sí)
creo que toda mi mierda es ardiente, si todos piensan que no es así, todos están mintiendo
espero que mi mierda no fracase, porque te pondré un arma en la cabeza y haré que todos la compren
estoy cavando el agujero en el que te entierras (woo), todo lo que te entierran en silencio
el día que muera me entierran en diamantes
te estoy matando niggas, apenas sobreviviste (brrt, brrt, brrt, brrt)
creo que estoy tan drogado que podría casarme con un piloto
soy un extraterrestre del Área 51, dejo que mi ovni vuele, da miedo y es violento
apagué el planeta, escuchas las sirenas (buh, buh)
estoy muy emocionado y no deberías molestarte (woo)
joyner tiene demasiados problemas (word)
le dije a esa pequeña perra que estoy con un trío siempre que seas tú y tu mamá (sí)
no tengo paciencia, me encanta ensuciarme
pero a la mierda, estoy bien con el drama (genial)
cuando los niggas sean odiados, les digo que no se preocupen, mi nigga, hakuna matata
no me pongo prada, solo tráeme una camiseta blanca (buh)
busto algunos de margiela, todavía uso las nikes (grra, grra)
ruedo con algunos bateadores, sé que no te gusto
me cago en ti niggas, ahora tráeme algunas toallitas (grra, grra)
¿crees que soy un asesino? bueno, tal vez podría ser
no tengo sentimientos, te reto a pelear conmigo (buh)
voy a girar a la izquierda pero realmente soy un derecho
consigue coño y dinero, apenas me emociona
estoy listo, no me pruebes, así que inclínate
a la mierda todos tus pinchazos
no puedes hacerme daño, creo que eres una perra
¿crees que soy cursi? creo que soy la mierda
cuando se pone cachonda, piensa en mi polla
cuando estaba en quiebra, pensaría que soy rico
hasta que jodí mi crédito y me pegué una lamida (woo, woo, woo)
entonces me conseguí algo de dinero para conseguirme una cuna
y luego lo sopló en perras de plenty of fish (¿qué diablos estaba pensando?)
voy a volver a las calles (sí)
si freddy y jason tuvieran bebés, mi nigga lo prometo, entonces ese sería yo (word)
niggas todo en mi cariño y actuando todo gracioso, creo que me atraen las abejas
me dijeron que había cambiado, que me miraba en el espejo como qué mierda me había pasado.
desde que terminé, estos niggas han estado tan en sus sentimientos
cuentan mis bolsillos, sé que los está matando
dime que estás orgulloso pero sabes que estás celoso
el dinero sigue pilin sé que lo hueles
¿crees que tienes derecho? bueno, chupa una polla y espero que te la tragues
y así es como me siento, pon eso en la biblia
no me llames tu familia, sabes que eres mi rival, hago lo que tengo que
ahora enciende la jodida televisión, estoy en los medios
y nadie quiere verme, un negro calentándose
soy como una anemia falciforme, lo digo en serio
pero estoy a punto de retrasar la respiración de un negro, creo que ha visto suficiente (buh, buh, buh)
voy al infierno, jodo a un demonio, creo que soy lo suficientemente malo
para vencer a un negro con adidas hasta que me joda las zapatillas (sí)
te golpearé cuando te escabulle
no podías verme pero tuve que golpearlos como un meteorito (boom, boom, boom)
y hazlos mareados, para conseguir el baúl
y pasé de la nada a algo
me enamoré de las armas y me escapé cien (brrratat)
y como todos los días que estoy bustin estoy poniendo uno en tu estómago
los tengo saltando y corriendo, es mejor que te cubras y te agaches (brrratat)
y no soy el único para ser follado
no soy el que crees que podrías hacer lo que quieras (brrratat)
habrá repercusiones
los enemigos saben lo que pasa y yo estoy despierto a las tres de la mañana cuando estás durmiendo y bostezando, sabes que el mal está llamando (sí, sí, sí)
alguien mejor llame a la ambulancia o rá repercusiones
los enemigos saben lo que pasa y yo estoy despierto a las tres de la mañana cuando estás durmiendo y bostezando, sabes que el mal está llamando (sí, sí, sí)
alguien mejor llame a la ambulancia o

joyner lucas


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